Our History

Founded by Doug Smith, Production Consultants and Equipment began renting equipment in the early 1980’s. Doug started PCE with the purchase of a single grip truck and a lighting package. It was important to Doug and to the growth of the Atlanta film and video market to give production companies and technicians the latest in equipment and studio space. Doug then solicited help from other Atlanta freelancers to purchase equipment to create a “co-op” type rental house for the Atlanta community. This way, Doug and other freelancers could pool their resources to build the Atlanta production infrastructure for the mutual success of Atlanta and its freelance community.

This approach paid off. PCE now has Arriflex Alexa HD, RED HD, Sony HD, Panasonic HD cameras plus 35mm and 16mm film cameras. A rolling stock of over 20 vehicles,HMI and Tungsten Lighting, Chapman and Fisher dollies, Crawford generators, and three top-of-the-line sound stages.