What’s New At PC&E

New Ecoflow DeltaPro is here

Our new Ecoflow DeltaPro power stations were designed to achieve off the grid energy independence and work well alongside conventional larger generators. They are virtually silent, can charge in as little as 2.7 hours, and have a capacity of 3.6 kWh with the ability to chain them together for 7.2 kWh. Find out how you can rent them today, by reaching out to one of our rental agents.

Source Four LED Series 3

Check out the new Source Four LED Series 3 lights we just got in. They boast a larger range of color with the Luster X8 array, while still providing the brightness you need from every distance. The Series 3 utilizes near field communication hardware to connect to your mobile device and also features City Theatrical’s DMX/RDM Multiverse®. Call today for pricing and availability.

Nova P600c is Available to Rent

We’ve put the Aputure Nova P600c into our rental inventory. This is the first Aputure fixture to feature multiple light engines and pixel control and with a 600W RGBW chipset, it’s the brightest 2×1 soft panel on the market.

Raptor 60mm Macro is here

We recently added the Raptor 60mm T2.9 Macro lens to our inventory! It features a T2.9 maximum aperture, 95mm front diameter, full frame coverage, close focus at 7.5″ (19cm), and a UMS PL Mount. This completes our Raptor Macro set and gives great options for Full Frame macro coverage. Contact the Camera Department for rental inquiries.

Take a Tour of our Stages

If you aren’t familiar with our stages and would like to see what we have to offer, you can  take a virtual tour of Stage One or Stage Two or our standalone Briarwood Stage.  We think you’ll like what you see!

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