Welcome to PC&E Camera Rental Atlanta

PC&E Camera Rental has been renting cameras for over thirty years. PC&E offers the very latest motion picture camera equipment available including the first Bolt X on track in North America.


Our technical support and personal service in unbeatable. With six check out stations, camera prep technicians can check orders in detail to insure your job will go smoothly.


Check out our inventory of ARRI, Sony, Phantom, Red and Canon cameras and you’re sure to find the right camera for your next project.


We offer a full line of the most requested lenses including Leitz, ARRI, Cooke, Zeiss, Canon, Fujinon, Sigma, Kowa and Angenieux all serviced in house by our own lens technician.  And if you need service on your own lenses,  let us know because we offer that as well!


Arri Alexa Camera