Atlanta Sound Stages with Cyc Walls

The PC&E Sound Stages were designed in response to our client’s needs for larger and more sophisticated production facilities.    

The PC&E Sound Stages in Atlanta feature ample square footage, well thought out support facilities, thousands of amps of available power, and some of the largest cyc walls in the Southeast.  We’ve recently upgraded our internet service to provide fast and reliable speeds for streaming video.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 are located at our main location at 2235 Defoor Hills Road and our standalone Briarwood Stage is located at 1842 Briarwood Road NE.

Each sound stage features its own private entrance, loading bays, and separate support facilities so you won’t be sharing space with someone else’s production crew. 

K-13 blown insulation, Jamison sound reduction doors, and a 15,000 square foot seamless membrane roof all help to reduce the impact of noise and outside interference.


The support areas for our sound stages have been completely redecorated with a modern and dramatic new look. From soothing and consistent lighting to a modern color palette, PC&E has created a friendly and inviting environment for production staff, agency, and client. Inside and out, they are ready and waiting to overcome your biggest production challenge.


The production office suite includes a main production office with high-speed fiber optic Wi-Fi, dedicated LAN ports, printer, conference room, and video distribution system


To complete the picture, each stage also has its own wardrobe room, makeup room with 4 stations, salon chairs and a shampoo sink, as well as a fully equipped canteen designed to accommodate the needs of even the largest crews.


PC&E’s Stage Department Staff will do its best to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable and successful shoot.  Email for more information. If you want, you can take a virtual tour of Stage 1, Stage 2 or Briarwood Stage as well. For a quick overview of our Stage Prices click here.